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At work, we have a Question2Anwert installation. One reason why it is not used much by many colleagues is that they generally get faster answers by sending a mail to an expert who is likely to know the answer. If they want to share the question/answer with the rest of the deparment, the only solution currently is to ask the question on Q2A and then send an additional notice to the expert user, asking him the answer the Q2A-question posted under <link to question>.

Is there a way (setting/plugin) to automate this? Such as having an additional CC-field with user name auto-completion when asking the question, which would send a mail to another Q2A-user with subject=question, a link to the question and a request to answer the question on Q2A?

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You can ask all your expert or users to subscribe with RSS feeds for activity or question etc. So every subscribers will get notification to their respective email registered with the system. This is the easiest solution and no need any additional development.