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I just add the seo meta tags in my q2a website.

now, I'd like to know what's the best settings for it to give the best results?


What should I apply here:?

Apply “noindex,follow” to recent activity? ( example.com/activity )
Apply “noindex,follow” to questions page? ( example.com/questions )
Apply “noindex,follow” to hot questions page? ( example.com/hot )
Apply “noindex,follow” to ask a question page? ( example.com/ask )
Apply “noindex,follow” to recent questions without answers page? ( example.com/unanswered )
Apply “noindex,follow” to categories? ( example.com/questions/ )
Apply “noindex,follow” to recent questions for a tag? ( example.com/tag/ )
Apply “noindex,follow” to most popular tags page? ( example.com/tags )
Apply “noindex,follow” to feedback page? ( example.com/feedback.php )
Apply “noindex,follow” to login page? ( example.com/login )
Apply “noindex,follow” to register page? ( example.com/register )
Apply “noindex,follow” to search page? ( example.com/search?q= )
Apply “noindex,follow” to user pages? ( example.com/user/ )
Apply “noindex,follow” to top scoring users page? ( example.com/users )

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The answer is in understanding with noindex and follow actually do:

noindex - "Please don't scan this particular page and keep a record of it Mr Google"

follow - "Sure you can follow links to other pages that start on this one Mr Google"

Hope this helps smiley

thanks for answering...
so it is alright to apply all those...???
There is no downside to this other than Google not fulling scanning your site. If you don't want your site to show up in Google as much, tick all the boxes.
actually i want it to show as much as possible, but I don't want to have duplicate content case on search engines. and i still don't know what to apply.
or is it better to just don't use it?
If you want your pages to show up on Google - don't tick the boxes.
Oh, I see.... So I will just delete the plug-in. Hope I won't have any duplicate case on search engines...