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Hi, I already got a Q2A installation up and running and I am migrating my main site to wordpress.

1) Is there any easy way to make a single signon work?

2) Is there any obstacles to make it work by manipulating the database? For instance tricky binary code, autoID, or something similar.

My Q2A is not huge, so even changing each user in the DB manually would be a practical solution.
I will look into this myself. Make a fresh installation of WP and Q2A and play a bit around with the database.

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I just gonna answer my own question because I sort of figured out the answer. My installation is a wordpress single-signon.

There is no tricky binary code or similar, but it is a bit cumberstone to change from a standalone Q&A to a single signon. I think I only managed to do this because I have like 6-8 users on the site. I can probably be done in code for WP.

Basically, I had to:
1) Do a clean install
2) Align all userid, so they macth the ID in your WP. You have to do this for all tables with userid's in it. Basically if a user has done anything in Q&A you have to change the user's IDs to the one used in WP
3) Copy most of the data from the original standalone installation to the new one. I think I had to delete the options to make it work.