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... as it is in the title of each question on question list, e.g. see span:

<div class="qa-q-item-title">
	<a href="./26666/posting-plain-text-disabled-javascript-wysiwyg-will-post-text">
	<span title="I guess this is a bug? Happens in question post, answer post, comment post:  1. Have the wysiwyg editor enabled by default.  2. load your page with javascript disabled, so that not the wysiwyg appears but the textarea  3. post content with line breaks  The result: As the content is only text (and line breaks are no br) ... -liner. This happens to her frequently, she said.     *PS: I cannot post the question as - without JS - there are no categories showing up in the dropdown.">Bug: Posting plain text with disabled javascript (wysiwyg) will post text as HTML</span>

I was not able to find the corresponding qa_function. I only discovered qa_shorten_string_line() but this is not taking the html tags away...

You mean, want to remove div and anchor tag from the title?

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Okay as I understood you are trying to remove SPAN tag which has title attribute. Also believe you have activated Mouseover Layer plugin.

If that is the case than you can remove SPAN tag from mouseover-layer/qa-mouseover=layer.php file around line #60

There you will find SPAN with title attribute
I have forgotten that there is a plugin and was just checking the core files. Thanks a lot!

It is function qa_viewer_text($content, $format, $options=array())

Have a great Monday!
The correct function for eleminating the html is:
function qa_html($string, $multiline=false)
/* Return HTML representation of $string, work well with blocks of text if $multiline is true */