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Thank you for so many downloads (5,000 over). I have added a feature that CKEditor4 fans have been waiting!

Highlight of V1.4.2 [2015/07/04]:

This version is for CKEditor 4.4.8 with a Security Patch Released. No functional changes. However, I recommend that you immediately upgrade. In addtion, I am developing V1.5.

Highlight of V1.4 [2015/02/14]:

  • Update CKEditor core version from 4.4.5 to 4.4.7
  • Add "Dynamic Changer" (Text <> Standard <> Advanced)
    Each user's setting is saved in browser (cookie).
  • Support i18N (Language)
  • Add skin (icy_orange, office2013)
  • Support Bootstrap theme

View (Dynamic Changer)


  • Skin option (You can change skin in plugin admin panel)
  • Config option (You can customize buttons and configuration in plugin admin panel)
  • Dynamic changer (Users can change edit mode ["Basic"<>"Standard"<>"Advanced"] on site)
  • Inline editing
  • htmlLawed (HTML security filter) controller



1.5.1 later, 1.6.x, 1.7


The behavior of the editor is delicately different V3 and V4. When contents apply to the existing site, it is necessary to apply it after confirming that existing contents do not fail enough.

Update history

  • [V1.4.3] Tune default config values for CKEditor 4.4.8.
                 Remove inline editing feature.
  • [V1.4.2] Upgrade CKEditor [4.4.7 to 4.4.8]
  • [V1.4.1]
    Fixed plugin version mistake [From V1.4 (RC) => 1.4.1)
    There is no changes about logic.
  • [V1,4RC (2015/02/13)]
    Update CKEditor core version from 4.4.5 to 4.4.7
    Add dynamic changer
    Support i18n (Language)
    Add skins (icy_orangeoffice2013)
  • [V1.3 (2013/10/03)]
    Update CKEditor core version from 4.3.3 to 4.4.5
    Add moono dark V4.4.2
    Add skin auto detect feature
    Add htmlLawd controler
  • [V1.2 (2013/03/17)] Update CKEditor version from 4.2 to 4.3.3.
  • [V1.1.3 (2013/12/12)] Fixed miss spell. Support annonymous inline edit. Thanks Kai.
  • [V1.1 (2013/11/18)] Added inline editing feature.
  • [V1.0.2] Add moonocolor/skin.js Thanks maxjtechno.
  • [V1.0.1] Replaced moonocolor skin. See this issue. The person using 1.0, please re-download and replace qa-plugin/ckeditor4/skins/moonocolor. Thanks maxjtechno.

Related plugin: CKEditor4 for admin


Have fun !!

Q2A version: 1.6.x, 1.7
In qa-ckeditor4-ajax.php you removed the if-statement. But don't we need to check if the post is by the user himself or if it is admin? Otherwise some other person could ajax-post new content to change the post, I guess. With qa_post_set_content() I did not find a permission check, did you?
Because Q2A core should decide user's edit permission in qa-ckeditor4-layer.php, probably, I think it is OK ...?


asking editor is type 1 and when I click add image, there is upload tab.
answering editor is type 2, when i click add image, no tab to upload
commenting editor is like simple editor, no button.

why different editors? why no tab to upload on answering ? is there any problem like that for other users or it is a theme problem you think ?
What is type 2? You might be creating a new question instead of a comment.

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Editor does not work. This editor does not always shown. It works poorly in the comments and responses.
CK4 works correctly in my test environment. It may be specific issues in your environment.
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Thank you very much to providing this awesome update plugin. But I have a problem:

I tried so many times to install "Mathematic Formulas"(MathJax) plugin for CKEditor, but I failed. 

So I want you to help me.

I copied mathjax plugin to plugins directory(/plugins/mathjax) and added config.extraPlugins = 'mathjax'; to config.js.

Then I added ['Mathjax'] to Toolbar buttons and extraPlugins: 'mathjax' to Other configuration 

but the only thing happened wa that CKEditor not loaded in site at all. 

Please help me to solve this problem, thank you in advanced.

(Excuse me for my poor English)

Probably, dependent plugins must also be installed.
Line Utilities:
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I'm developing CKEditor4 V1.5. It will support CKEditor V4.5.1. Very powerful features were added in CKEditor V4.5. For exmaple, D&D resource (image, link, etc), Semantic Media Embed, and Toolbar configuration.

Side note:
You can use CKEditor V4.5.1 immediately by overwriting full version of CKEditor V4.5.1 to now CKEditor4 plugin directory.

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How do you remove the context menu "Paste" that come by default with this editor (that appears when you right click)? I have tryed to modify the config.js file but it is not working even after cleaning cach of browser and server.
In this plugin, you can customize CKEditor in the plugin option panel.
sama55, I am using the express-editor pluging which is based on this one.
It is not my plugin. You seem to be the wrong place to ask questions.
But it is based on CKEditor, and since you made a plugin using CKEditor, I think that you should know which files of the CKEditor should be modified to remove the context menu.

And a second question, if I use your plugin how can I customize CKEditor in the plugin option panel. I don't know what to add exactly. And how can I add the code highlight capability to your plugin.
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How can I add the code highlight capability to this plugin please ?
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Is this plugin still available?
No @arjunsuresh this plugin is not available any more. @Sama has left Q2A with all his plugins.
But why do you need this plugin anyway. Q2A already have this editor out of box from Q2A 1.7
Thanks for the reply. Actually I wanted to use the dynamic switch between basic and advanced as most users prefer basic but some need advanced also.
yes that would be a good feature but unfortunately it is not available any more.
thats sad. I'll try some way to do it. Isn't it possible to remove unavailable plugins from the plugins page?