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I see that this question is been ask by others few times but never been answered.
Here's my issue and I hope someone can answer it this time. 
I've registered for a new account for testing purpose. I was hoping to receive an email to confirm my email address as I have enabled (All new users must confirm their email:) but I did not receive any thing.
I decided to resend the confirmation email but I ended up in this error. 
Now there are two issues that I'm dealing with.
1. New registered users are not receiving confirmation emails to confirm that email address for registration.
2. Resend confirmation email is ending up in this error below.
Question2Answer fatal error:
Could not send email confirmation
Stack trace:
require() in index.php:31
require() in qa-index.php:165
qa_get_request_content() in qa-page.php:795
require() in qa-page.php:207
qa_send_new_confirm() in qa-page-confirm.php:54
I'd be glad if someone can guide me to fix this.
PS: urls for test dummieshelp.com and dummiesforum.com both running 1.6
Q2A version: 1.6
Totally the same to me ! Have you figured this out now?
Read below....

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Is there any one who can help me out in this? Any mod or admin from q2a? Thanks
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I had a similar issue, and it turned out that someone had hijacked my email server to use for nefarious purposes, and it had become blacklisted.  I recommend that someone with this problem try to achieve reproducible results before posting.  And by this I mean set up your "Q&A software" or "new user registration" testing to point to a different mail server such as GMail, AOL, Hotmail, etc... and be sure to check the spam folders each time you try a different one!

For me the (effectively) same errors were caused by this, unbeknownst to me at the time!  You will pretty much have to get a new IP address assigned to your mail server to remedy the problem if this IS in fact the problem.