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I use this method to import questions:

But one problem i have: Is there a function i can use for the tags to preprocess them?

Because atm tags like "HELLO" or "hello?" or "hello!" are added to the database and displayed on the page corectly, but when i click on the urls i get 404.. :/

Another question: Why are not all possible tags allowed?

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Tags are based on Q2A's definition of a word, which includes the removal of punctuation and conversion to lower case.

Try using this to set the tags column in the database:


...where $intags is your original set of tags (separated by any word separator).
I noticed that apostrophes are converted to spaces (well, dashes) in the final URL. I would suggest that instead you just remove them (I've done this in my Q2A).
So you'd have:
Rather than:
thx, works :)