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I've been seeing this issue on the Q2A Q&A using Chrome on one particular Mac computer, but can't reproduce it anywhere else. So it's a bit of a mystery...

If I try to log in via Facebook, the browser gets stuck in an infinite loop of redirects and never completes the login.

Has anyone seen this before, on this site or elsewhere? I think it's an issue in the Facebook library rather than Q2A, since others have reported it here:



I've tried using the Facebook API with and without oAuth, substituting auth.login/logout for auth.authResponseChange, and it makes no difference.

This is the last issue I'm aware of for Q2A 1.6 beta so any pointers would be much appreciated!


I don't have a mac to try it, but just wanted to thank you for whatever you do to address issues with facebook login.
Okay, just noticed that this post was from 2013 and since it's now 2016, it may not get seen or be relevant to others now.  However, I am currently experiencing the same 'looping' issue.  I'm on a Mac and getting the loop on Chrome and Firefox.  Cleared cache/cookies/closed browsers/etc....   Nothing helped.  I figured that something happened when I deactivated and then tried to log back in a couple of days later since I needed a pic from the page.  Hubby tried logging in on his mac as well - still couldn't get through on my account and almost couldn't get it to end in order to log back in as himself.  Any suggestions would be great.  I'll have access to a Dell in a few days and will test it there, but I don't think it's going to be a mac issue but instead a fb issue.  Oh yeah..... can't ask fb for help because you have to be logged in....which I am for about 5 seconds before getting kicked back out and off again over and over.

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