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Creating and manging a large user base QA community using this platform.

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First let me clarify that I use Q2A and love it. But I may investigate a little more before having a really large site on this platform.

I have not tested the software for a large user base, but have tested it for large number of categories and questions (10M appx.)

Only a few things to keep in mind:

You may want to change the core files for somethings. Or atleast override some functions; if needed for yourr "large" site. I had to disable sorting functions for speed. but keep a log of these things so you can apply your changes after an upgrade too.

May want to use custom links through admin for some pages that may not suite your needs or to run some third party services.

Q2A supports four levels of categories. So, if you want more levels, you may want to tweak somethings. (I have already).
There is some caching plugin available. think about using that. I have not used it myself as it perhaps supports non-logged in users only.

In general pretty cool software.
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yes,Q2A can easily handle big DBs(if you don't use BLOB) and it's already optimized and many big sites are already using it. but if you want to use it as a mega large site(like Y! answers) you should concentrate on your server resources and configuration. one thing that I suggest is compiling your site & webserver into a C++ software with Facebook's HipHop. and if you want to know how much 'memory' & 'processing power' you need, you should make your site live and see statistics and the number of post submits vs visits(it's best that you choose a service provider with flexible hardware plans so you can stick a few more CPUs or RAMs if you need). calculating it is not as easy as wordpress since you might have lot's of conversations with low page visits or lot's of visits with low conversation rate(reading and writing from db).