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Hello can any one suggest how to deploy Q2A on byethost.

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I assume you created an account (Free hosting)

-->Login to your cpanel

----->Online File Manager

------->Copy all your files into htdocs folder

You need to create a database

Go to

--->MySQL Databases
----->I belive it starts with your cpanel username
-------->In the  Current Databases table you will see
MySQL DB Name ----MySQL User Name---MySQL Password(Your cPanel Password)---MySQL Host Name
Those data are required to install Q2A.
I think that's all you need.
Thanks for the answer.Can you please suggest the option to be selected at script install during registration. I want this to be installed as a separate module.
I am not getting your question here!!! If you want Q2A in as separate forum then all you need to do is create a folder and put all files in it.