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I would like to implement Question2Answer with single sign-on but since i keep on failing, i would like to know what are the minimum requirements for this to work.

For instance, in my case, the original sign on is done on extranet.domain.com which sits in IPADDRESS1. Q&A would be accessed via forum.domain.com, which sits on another server at IPADDRESS2.

Is it still possible to use single sign on or does q&a have to be installed on the same server as the main application?

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This should be fine - if your sign-on on extranet.domain.com sets a cookie that is set to be valid for any subdomain of .domain.com (see PHP documentation), then you can have forum.domain.com check that cookie and reference back to the database to check the logged in user's identity, based on the cookie content (which should be a session ID or something similar).
can you elaborate more on this please? How should we do with Azure or SAML etc?