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I am transplanting site in certain domain to local server. I can't login to moved site. This site is V1.6.

Cookie (qa_key) is unacquirable seems to be cause. Error: "key cookie missing".

I think that security process of CSRF have blocked login process. Is there any solution?
Q2A version: 1.6
If you transplanted database, then that will be the issue.
Thank you jugu for your replay. Since database is backed up by the binary mode, then hash of user table is restored correctly.

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My careless mistake was the cause... My mistake is not having rewritten QA_COOKIE_DOMAIN of qa-config.php to new domain. I record as my memorandum when moving at site to different domain.
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Since I did not find the restoration method of cookie value of "qa_key", I could login by overwriting all data (files and DB) of the existing site after clean installation. I wish to become reference of the person troubled by the same phenomenon.