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Today I was integrating Q2A on a specific website, but I had trouble at some point with the login:

I checked the code and the problem was due to this function : qa_db_user_login_sync()

The following code was the exact problem:


Why do the tables need to be in lowercase? It was causing problem because in my database, I had a column named questionTags, and it was trying to do a LOCK TABLES questiontags WRITE leading to a database error.

I changed the code and added a function qa_db_list_tables() and it seems to be fine for now, but I don't want any error later because I remove the lower case thus my question.


Q2A version: 1.5.4

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It's lowercase to make it easy to check if a particular table is present in the result.

Anyway I can see why this can cause a problem on systems where table names are case sensitive and will review the issue for Q2A 1.6.