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New Latesest Theme With Custom Designs And Custom Fonts With Great Look With Social Share [New Disign]

Q2A version: Latest 1.6 dev
Hey Robin -- any chance of getting the facebook share link to work on the demo sometime in the next couple weeks? Also, one other small question -- how hard is it for the buyer to make the top bar white, so that one can put their logo up there? Thanks!
facebook share will work may be next month and to add logo you need some change to do, you can do them using css.
Cool, I'll brush up on my CSS and will be ready when the facebook share works.

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Beautiful! i will most likely buy this theme. Two things: Why twitter and google+, but not facebook share beside the question? And also, it would be cool if it had the "follow this question" feature. But that might be difficult to implement.

Also another minor thing: It doesn't seem to allow comments under the question, only under answers. I guess the only other missing feature is the ability to sort answers by date or votes. Okay, that's about it. Cons outweighed by pros!
yes @kamal you are right this is very nice theme.
Thanks Kamal for like my theme, i will add facebook share button in next version and comment under question are disabled by me if you want to show comment in question you just enable them from admin panel and the answers show by date or vote that feature is not available in Q2A yet..
hi Kamal I also Added facebook share button but i am just one step ahead i am unable to print question url in this code
<a name="fb_share" type="box_count" share_url="#" href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php"><img src="'.$this->urltoroot.'facebook.png'.'"/></a>
Ah, I see. Very good! Looks like you put a lot of work into this.
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Great ! Theme can you add  [AddThis - social Sharing plugin in this theme] because Addthis have many options to share on diff. social networks and in these days social networks are great source off traffic.