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I'm trying to develop more free themes for Q2A. and advanced of course.

now How can I let Admins to select one of my themes style sheets(for choosing other colors, etc ) or add other options?

if it is not posible I hope plugin developers could create a plugin which could be used as a framework for webdesigners to create customizable themes, or at next version it would be added.

Q2A version: 1.5

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I started releasing all premium themes that I created for Q2A as free products under MIT license. I used a simple method to add Theme Options to admin menu and a web form containing options including even reading custom files and loading list of images used for background patterns.

the method is pretty simple:

1. create a file with layer class as in it, I use "qa-admin-options.php" file name.

2. add content of your form in $this->content['form'] inside doctype() function.

3. add a navigation item with link to your Theme Options url in nav_list() function.

4. use this code in top of you qa-theme.php file to load the layer you created.

$theme_dir = dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/';
qa_register_layer('/qa-admin-options.php', 'Theme Options', $theme_dir , $theme_url );


to make sure that normal users can't access theme options simply check logged in User's Level on doctype function, so both viewing and processing form submissions from None Admins will be rejected.

for more information check one of my themes on github with theme options, for example Esteem Theme.

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You mean, that an admin user can select colors from admin panel?

Not possible (yet). But you are right, a plugin could add options to the admin>plugin settings.

For now, most of the developers just change the CSS stylesheets how they need them.


PS: The question is actually how often does the admin want to change the color of the forum? Not very often I guess. Some forums never change color themes.

I am a wordpress user and I love when WP themes offer many options and it's not just style. I hope on next version Gideon would do something for that.