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So just to test it out, from here http://www.question2answer.org/themes.php#theme 

I copy and pasted the example code to override functions...

		function nav_user_search() // reverse order from qa_html                _theme_base



But it didn't change anything.  What gives? What am I doing wrong.  Thanks for any help.


Q2A version: latest

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It didn't change anything becasue you are overriding with the same function and no change in that. I mean it is pasing the same method. Alignment and design is completely depends on CSS.
Thx for response ... shouldn't it have reversed the order of search and nav-user ?  How to go about changing the order of the different components...like for example if I wanted to put the header after the body or switch the side panel to the left?
It is quite tricky. In some cases it requires to change the order and in some cases you can get result by altering only CSS.
It's not letting me choose best answer.  But thanks for answer, you were right!  Duplicate functions have been my prob.  thanks
Glad you got it works....! You are not able to choose an answer as a selected because you have asked question as an anonymous user and now you are trying with your account.. no worries as far as you got your answer.. :)