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Both plugins override the function q_list_and_form($q_list) (see layer.php) as follows:


    function q_list_and_form($q_list)
        $handle_raw = $this->user_handle();

        // output activity links under recent activity
        if ( $this->template === 'user' )
                '<div class="qa-useract-page-links">',
                qa_lang_html('useractivity/more_activity') . ':',
                '    <a href="' . qa_path('user-activity/questions/'.$handle_raw) . '">' . qa_lang_html('useractivity/all_questions') . '</a>',
                '    &bull; ',
                '    <a href="' . qa_path('user-activity/answers/'.$handle_raw) . '">' . qa_lang_html('useractivity/all_answers') . '</a>',


    function q_list_and_form($q_list)
        if($this->template == 'user' && qa_opt('user_act_list_active') && qa_opt('user_act_list_replace'))

q2a executes plugins by alphabetically order!

Having user-activity executed first and then history plugin, overrides the function above, and the useractivity/more_activity lines will not be printed.

Any chance to prevent this?

Doesn't the history plugin have the list of user activity? Because Noah forked the history plugin from my user activity plugin, I thought he just took that and added some stuff to it.

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