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Currently when a question is asked an email is going out to a specific group in my company.  The subject just says :  My System Q&A has a new question.  In the email contents it will say that a new question has been asked by user and then state the question title and body.  Is there a way to get the title of the question into the subject of the email to look like:

My system Q&A has a new question - Question title.
Q2A version: 1.5.4

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You can do this by using custom language strings on your site. Use the special string ^q_title somewhere in the 'q_posted_subject' string in qa-lang-emails.php.

Bingo!  Thank you so much!
Example for others, as it sounds kind of complicated above =)

This "hack", which is not a hack ;) is really great for sorting/finding emails questions/comments/answers by subject:
1. open file in language folder, e.g. /en-GB/qa-lang-emails.php
2. find line that starts with 'q_posted_subject'
3. change this line from: 'q_posted_subject' => '^site_title has a new question',
to new: 'q_posted_subject' => 'New question: ^q_title',

You can add it to all language strings if you'd like.

- subjects can get very long (maybe some mail providers see this as spam)
- subjects may change if question title has been changed

@gidgreen: Any way to shorten/cut the question title with "..." after x chars?
You'd have to modify qa-event-modify.php - see qa-util-string.php for the shortening function.