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I want the "Ask a question" block to be seen on all pages of the site. I have already changed setting to Admin > Layout > Available widgets > Ask Box > Show widget in this position on all available pages.

However I still dont see the "Ask a question" block in question pages (ie when I click on a particular question, the page loading does not include the "Ask a question" block)

How can I overcome this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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1) open in Your include folder
2) add to the options case 'question': so that it looks like follows:
        function allow_template($template)
            switch ($template)
                case 'activity':
                case 'categories':
                case 'custom':
                case 'feedback':
                case 'qa':
                case 'question':
                case 'questions':
                case 'hot':
                case 'search':
                case 'tag':
                case 'tags':
                case 'unanswered':
            return $allow;
3) save and go to admin and activate in the layout menu the question pages option for the ask box.
Thats it.
I hope that works for You, I gave it a short trial and it seems to work well, if not comment please......
You are great! It worked like a magic. Thanks a lot for your attention & help.
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For this you need to add ask box manually into your theme. Place something similar form like this http://question2answer.org/qa/16278/how-to-embed-an-ask-box-widget-in-an-external-site?show=16278#q16278