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I want to use buttons with icons for the question only (like candy theme), for the answers and comments i would prefer smaller buttons or text only as it looks a bit "overbuttoned" if there are many comments.

Is there a way to do that ?

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Yes, you can use a theme to target CSS at individual buttons, and the CSS can control images etc... Look in the HTML source code for CSS classes like:


Then look at what they're inside, such as:


You can use nested CSS selectors to pick off the ones you want.
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Works perfectly, for others who run in the same trouble, a nested class looks like this:

.qa-a-item-buttons .qa-form-light-button-edit{}

Without semicolon in between.

The qa-a-item-buttons class is the class for the buttons in the answer section and the qa-form-light-button-edit class is the class of the edit button. If You use that, dont forget to do the same for the matching hover classes.