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Help !
I am close to become crazy. Internetexplorer shows me a space between the quetion title and the following description on the single question site. I tried again on a clean deafult install, no way get rid of this space.
I need it to colorize the question itself and the following content. Borders are interrupted and I stay with a white space of about 1 em more or less.

I got rid of it for firefox and chrome and safari but not for ie

UPDATE: Seems to be resolved please see http://www.question2answer.org/qa/2113/

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Oh yes, I know one shouldnt answer his own questions, but i thought it could be very helpful for everybody who wants to style his own theme.

Regards Monk333
Would have been better to post it as an answer on this question instead IMO ;)
Indeed, there's nothing wrong at all with answering your own question. You can even select your own answer as the best! (But you won't get the usual points for that...)