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I still have the same problem as before (http://www.question2answer.org/qa/15244/), but now with the new Snow theme. Please help.

The topbar layout is broken on certain pages:

  • Input boxes are smaller and unusable.
  • Empty space appears above the topbar.

This happens on every page, except for:

  • Admin pages
  • Error pages
  • Custom pages

I tried removing some custom plugins, but this did not help. Switching widgets on and off also did not make a difference. Maybe someone knows which function is related to those pages?


  • Q2A 1.5.4
  • Original snow theme CSS
  • Database backup plugin of K. Kielce
  • Share and Embed plugin of NoahY
  • A facebook like button widget plugin I made by myself. It's just html, nothing fancy. Already tried removing it, but the problem persisted.

Please help. Maybe I'm overlooking something.


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Q2A version: 1.5.4
First try to check if any plugin causing the issue by disabling them all and see if issue still exists.
Thanks pixelngrain, I removed all plugins, cleared every setting in the layout tab and removed all custom page links. The problem is however still there. I'll even keep it this way on my live site so you can see it for yourself.

I really don't know how to debug this. It happens in all major browsers independent of the operating system. Please help.
Okay let me check and try to find something can resolve the issue. BTW  jquery and  qa-page.js is in body tag and not in head tag?
Thanks! I appreciate that. What do you mean with the Javascripts?

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It is very probable that You have problems with the BOM - Byte Order Mark in utf encoded files.

This is an invisible character on the very first position of Your file which You may have inserted by saving Your changes on files with an editor which does not handle the BOM well.

Download n++ at http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ as an excellent editor and see in which file You have inserted the BOM,

As well google BOM and utf8 encoding to read a little about.


EDIT: read as well here:



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Thank you! This solved the problem. It turned out that the language files had the BOM problem. Thanks a lot!!
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Change CSS height from 14 px to 26px 
Then it looks ok for me... 

qa-styles.css line ~ 244

#qa-userid, #qa-password,.qa-search-field {
  1. width165px;
  2. margin-right5px;
  3. height26px;
Thank you for your answer! It is however the same workaround I used with the older theme and I would like to have the template not broken at all.