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I want to customize Register page

and add some more Info to be specified on signing up and also that info should go in user profile as well ,

and on my account page I need to put some field as well

How to do it


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Login with admin user id

To add custom message on register page go to Admin > Users settings

Here you can find checkbox option "Custom message on register form - HTML allowed:" enable and write your message

To add extra user profile field on the same page at the end find "Extra fields on user profile:" group. Here you can add or remove extra field on user profile.

Check this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN1Ao-t_wV0&feature=g-list&list=PLM9WJP7bj5V8KdJJ3c_30-kB5PfsJVCJL
Thanks for the answer , I want to ask that How I can manage user roles ??? as We do it in wordpress , I am not able to find the options here
This is different question than what you have asked.
You mean you want to assign permission or change user role? If that is the case than you need to go to user profile page and you will find "Edit this user" button after all profile fields and there you can change user role.