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We have a team of people helping to answers question i'd like them to eb notified hwne a new question is posted. i had hoped taht if they select a category as a favour taht they would get updates when i new question was posted in this category. this doesn't appear to eb the case. Any suggest on how i can configure this type of functinality either with the core system or with a plug in. How can I configure notifications for a team of moderators when new questions are raised in a category or generally on the site.


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I dont know if there is any other way but you can create plugin for this in below way.

Use Event Module and hook by using q_post event. The q_post evnet is when new question posted on the board.

Than using qa_send_notification() function you can send email notification.

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You can set notifications by category using RSS Feeds :

In RSS Feeds tabs, check "Feed for recent question" and "Individual feeds per category". Then, go to Categories Page, click on a category :

You'll find a link "Recent questions in [CATEGORYNAME]"  right down by wich you can subscribe to a RSS feed on this category.