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I would like to have the page numbers right at the front page of the website and to display it at the top so that the user sees there are already many pages of posted questions. How can I do that?

Q2A version: Q2A 1.5.4
good idea! It would be good to have one on top and one at the bottom as is :)

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The front page only shows "recent questions and answers" so is not paginated. I think you can make the front page show the same as /questions by doing this:

    'questions' => '',

But I haven't tested that.


Edit: as for copying the links at the top, that is done in an advanced theme. In the main() function, you'll see $this->page_links() towards the end. Just copy that line and put it further up, anywhere above main_parts() should work.

replace them with the code Scot says. it works
By changing 'questions' => '', you change the main page, but you do not add a pagination to the default page: yourdomain.com/qa (!)
Where should this be done ?
same problem here, you still have no pagination inside the categories, there it still says: ....to see all questions in this category...
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The selected best answer, does not bring pagination to front page! ( as you wanted it to)