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I was wondering if we could automatically select an answer based on the user's activity & other factors:

(1) times user has logged on
(2) points
(3) categories
(4) tags used
(5) location

Any question asked , will pull the best answer based on the 'social' activity of the member.

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It's an interesting idea! It's not currently possible in Q2A though you're welcome to make a little add-on that does this.

You could do it at question display time (at the end of qa_page_q_load_q(...) in qa-page-question.php, set $question['selchildid'] based on the $answers).

Or you could actually have something running in the background which looks for questions of a certain age and then sets the selection permanently by calling qa_question_set_selchildid(...) in qa-app-post-update.php.

From the users perspective the second method would actually give points and send a notification for the selection, whereas the first would not.
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IMHO, it is not a good idea. It is possible that even an incorrect answer can be read for a long time. It should always be an intelligent human being, who should select the answer.