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I just discovered that today.

In my advanced theme I have the output line:

  $this->output('<meta content="never" name="expires" />');

And checking the HTML source after site load I get:

  <meta content="never" name="expires">

Why is q2a removing the slash in the end?

This is weird. either I never noticed or never got this issue. Let me check and back to you.

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I found the reason there is a string replacement in function


function output_array($elements)
Output each element in $elements on a separate line, with automatic HTML indenting.
This should be passed markup which uses the <tag/> form for unpaired tags, to help keep
track of indenting, although its actual output converts these to <tag> for W3C validation
foreach ($elements as $element) {
$delta=substr_count($element, '<')-substr_count($element, '<!')-2*substr_count($element, '</')-substr_count($element, '/>');
if ($delta<0)
echo str_repeat("\t", max(0, $this->indent)).str_replace('/>', '>', $element)."\n"; // see this here...
if ($delta>0)
Hi pixelngrain, yes I know where the replacement is ;) thx anyway.
My question is *what* is the reason for that... from human perspective / gidgreen's idea behind this.
awesome, thank you, this is new for me :)
Always welcome :)