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Hello Sir,

I am going to use your script on my new site for engineers.

I would like to ask few questions.

1. How can I integrate adsense?

2. How can I replace default search with google search?

3. How to change the logo?

4. I want diferrent headers for programmins languages and other help categories.

5. how to have dropdown header menu bars?


Q2A version: 1.5

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1. In Admin>Layout put the code in one of the boxes (e.g. HTML in sidebar on each page). Alternatively try Widget Anywhere plugin for more options.

2. Create an advanced theme, override the search() function to make the form go to Google.

3. Make a new image and overwrite the current logo (under qa-theme/Snow) or change the CSS file to point to the new image.

4. Override the header() function in your theme, find the category (sorry, not sure exactly how from memory) and do a switch on the category and output a different header for each one.

5. Not sure exactly what you mean but you would override a function in the theme and put your code there instead of the current menu.

For the 5th one I mean that like there is a categories tab in the header ...when someone hover over it , i should show a drop down menu with all the categories...Categories is just an example.