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I'm stuck on single sign-on step 11 which says: "You will need to modify several functions in order to complete the single sign-on integration. Everything is explained in this file, and lots of examples are included."  Anyone willing to answer a few questions and/or point me in the right direction?  Thanks!
Edit your question an put the questions you want to ask in, and we'll do our best to answer them.
It's taken me awhile to figure out what to reply but I guess that my biggest problem is that I haven't a clue what the things in the "file" are referring to.  It seems like a collection of possible ways to do it, so I have no clue which one is the one that I need to use or could use or should use.  And even if I figure that out, as a non-coder when I read what is there, a lot of it simply doesn't make sense to me (I'm trying to politely say that it has a lot of "coder-speak" in there (things that someone who isn't a coder would have no clue what it means).  I'd REALLY like to be able to get the single sign-on integration working, but as an all volunteer non-profit organization, we simply don't have folks who speak that language.  And I don't know enough to even understand what it is that I don't know to then be able to ask a question.
@drdan01 you just spoke my mind, the documentation of the SSO installation is so just not for beginners, i am equally stuck and am yet to get any help from the surport team.

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