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I added at question 1965 some code of my site. And the script detects the links, but not correctly. I, allways respecting Your excellent work and efforts, would think that this part should be reworked soon. Problem is that it generates page not found errors when clicking. These will show up on google webmastertools and may hurt the owners ranking besides the not so nice surfing experience.

Best regards and congrats to 1.2

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Thanks for mentioning this. The problem is that these links are inside HTML code, and so harder to detect correctly (parsing HTML is not a job for regular expressions). For example, a URL can contain a quote mark ("), even if it's not common, so Q2A can't be certain it's not part of the link. Still, I can see that this could be improved, so will look into it for the 1.2.1 release.
Thanks again, at the moment it is not a big thing, as most q2a sites are still smaller, but once they become heavily used, the effect could grow.

I understand the problem (I think) and if it would be too difficult, may be it could work NOT to detect links if INSIDE code.

Just wanted to mention the things I notice. I am fully convinced that q2a will soon be a very widely used QA platform. Out of my view questions but not terms are the future of the web. (Thatfore I was asking for the matching microformat as well.)

Thank You so much for making it (at the moment) free for use.