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Hi my functionality is that a user types the question title on my page(implemented in java) and when he clicks submit he is redirected to my question2answer website with the title already filled up.

How can i implement this?

This is exactly how i want it to be


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Hello bhargavay5

Here is the code I am using on http://www.puerto-vallarta-directory.com/ :

<form method="post" action="http://www.questions.com.mx/ask/">
<table class="qa-form-tall-table-bbb">

<td class="qa-form-tall-label-bbb" colspan="2">Do You have questions about Puerto Vallarta ?

<td class="qa-form-tall-data-bbb" colspan="2">
<textarea name="title" rows="3" cols="60" class="qa-form-tall-text-bbb" onfocus="this.value=''; this.style.color='#000000'; this.onfocus=null;" >Enter Your question here...</textarea>

<div class="qa-form-tall-note-bbb">You will be redirected to <a href="http://www.questions.com.mx/">Questions.com.mx</a></div>

<input name="doask1" title="" value="ASK NOW" onmouseout="this.className=\'qa-form-tall-button-bbb qa-form-tall-button-ask-bbb\';" onmouseover="this.className=\'qa-form-tall-hover-bbb qa-form-tall-hover-ask-bbb\';" class="qa-form-tall-button-bbb qa-form-tall-button-ask-bbb" type="submit" />


It is html only, but I hope You can implement it in JAVA as well, I dont know about Java.

If You want to see the classes use firebug or drop a note and I add them here.

Hope this helps.

( By the way, You need to change the domainnames. )

On my site I am as well adding the category where the user is when asking as tag. I did not add here, because this depends on variables of my directory.
So, if a user asks, question title and tags are transferred to my q2a site.

Please feel free to try it on my directory site, just use real questions not things like "adsf dsfsdf  dfs fdafd dsf df " , You know...