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I'm trying to add Q2A to my site. I've currently set it up as such that the Q2A install is in a sub folder but I want the functionality output in the layer above.


domain.com/questionsandanswers.php  // this is the location of the Q2A and I just includet the qa-index.php file

domain.com/questions/  //this is the actual location of the Q2A install


Now this works find except it does not seem to be looking for the css/js files in the correct place. FireBug shows that it's trying to load them from domain.com/qa_content/ whereas it should be loading from domain.com/questions/qa_content/. I've changed the QA_BASE_DIR value before including qa-index.php and all the rest works fine - with a few exceptions but their minor.

Any ideas where I need to change the links to the css/js files?


Q2A version: 1.5.3

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