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@Gideon: Great that new development has started! Just to get a heads-up: what can we expect in this new version?
I don't think it's "new development" as such, that would most likely be a 1.6 release. Probably just bug fixes like this one: http://question2answer.org/qa/18647/possible-logout-bug-with-shared-user-base

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Just minor bug fixes and visual tweaks.

Once Q2A 1.5.4 is out and I finish a couple of other (non Q2A-related) small projects, I plan to ask the usual sort of question about what people want in 1.6, and then I shall get to work!
Great! As always: many thanks for your efforts!
Appreciate your efforts gidgreen (and everyone else involved), Q2A is first class piece of software.
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I hope some of priority A can be implemented, see http://question2answer.org/qa/19042/

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