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Have you noticed that ckEditor does not display in adnroid phones! any sulotion? It loads fully in iphone though.
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maybe it is one of the "plugins" ,i.e. buttons that are set. Image upload for example - as far as I remember - does not work.

Check if it is a mobile phone, then adapt ckeditor to use only 3 buttons: Bold Italic Underline.

Then it should work with most smartphones iPhone.

well, the main point is to be able to upload images from smartphones! if I remove the image there is no use of ckEditor, then plain text editor works better
I am now using ckeditor 4 and i finally started to work both in iphone and android devices
Are you sure it works on Android devices. I tried the bluestacks emulator, and I only get a blank input field instead of the wysiwyg editor :( on iPhone it seems to work.
You are right, it will not work on all android devices. At that time I only checked it on two android devs:
1- galaxy tab 2 ( android ver 4.0)
2- huawei smartphone same ver of android
however it did not work for Galaxy nexus
neither for galaxy s3 ( even with android 4.0)
it's a pity, we are developing an app and ckeditor does not work.... =(
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Just found that information in a comment to a bug report:

As explained on our compatibility page, Android support is, sadly, not available yet. It's not that we do not want to provide it, the problem is with Google not implementing some vital features of contenteditable support :( Since this is the case, we had to blacklist Android in our env.js file. However, if you want to try it out, you can uncomment the blacklisting code and see for yourself if the level of support that Android browser provides is OK for you, because some features work quite all right already.


And here the hack:

env.isCompatible =
   // White list of mobile devices that supports.
   env.iOS && version >= 534 ||
   !env.mobile && (
    ( env.ie && version > 6 ) ||
    ( env.gecko && version >= 10801 ) ||
    ( env.opera && version >= 9.5 ) ||
    ( env.air && version >= 1 ) ||
    ( env.webkit && version >= 522 ) ||

You need to download Source from the CKBuilder page (below the download button).

Hi Kai,
So now your ckeditor works on android too? If yest can you let me you the url of your website to test on my android device as well.
The default ckeditor 4.3.1 does still not work on Androids. I did not implement the hack above either.