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It would be nice, if administrator could create different roles, for example:

user (can only comment, but not publish or edit anything)
author (can comment and publish, also edit OWN question)

editor (if groups will be created, they can sort of mod their own groups)


so user would require just registering on the site, author - must have 10 up votes or whatever set by admin.


is this possible?
related to an answer for: how to assign a user as an editor?

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Version 1.1 is planned to go in this direction, introducing an "Expert" level (same as your 'author' above), and allowing different types of posting (questions, answers, comments) to require a different minimum user level.

Currently user levels are manually set by administrators. So an additional feature would be allowing users to automatically be upgraded to a certain level when they have sufficient points or up votes. I'm not sure this will make it into 1.1, but it certainly makes sense as an extra feature.
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