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When users login with facebook, I want to publish all their activity on facebook, how do I go around this?

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If its just "XYZ just logged into ABC Q&A site" then all you need to do is take the stream_publish permission and post an update using the Graph Api.

However if you want to Publish all their activity like "Added a new question", "Answered a new Question", "Commented, Upvoted etc." - this can be done using the Facebook Open Graph plugin which involves some effort to get integrated around the Q2A site.

Steps I would take to do so:

1. Facebook Connect / Facebook

2. Take the Publish_Actions permission from user

3. Go through the simple Graph API Post method (Details here - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/getting-started)

Do let me know if you or anyone is looking for the code to do this. I have implemnted it in one Q&A and wordpress site, so I should be able to help you out with a detailed tutorial or something.
Yes, I need help in implementing complete facebook integration with my q2a site. It would be great if u share me the details for the same.
Okay Mr. Anand, give me some time, i will write the tutorial and publish it on my blog. However, if I make a custom plugin for this, which will make your job easier, will you be willing to purchase it?