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Whenever I attempt to remove a question I get the following error message:

Question2Answer query failed:  SELECT qa_users.userid, handle, level FROM qa_users WHERE level>=20 ORDER BY level DESC

It appears that the message is actually removed however the error message is pretty serious looking. Is there anything I can do to prevent this problem?
Q2A version: current version q2a
it might be a script error due to "Removing Questions that it's user had been removed before".
I have not touched the users, although I am using my Wordpress users database, could that be a conflict of some sort?

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That query won't work with external user integration, including WordPress integration, because there is no users table. But I don't understand why it's being run, since in the Q2A core it is only called from a page which also isn't available with external user integration. Do you have any non-standard plugins installed?
Thanks. I got it. It's the Q2A-Email-Notifications plugin that's causing the problem. It seems not to be compatible with WordPress integration.
So what do I need to do?  Should I shut down all email integration?
I'm afraid you need to remove that plugin, since it seems to be entirely built around Q2A's internal user management database tables, which don't exist in your case.
I just did... and now things seem to work.  Hopefully I won't anything else so exciting.