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I tried to translate the languagefiles to german but found a problem using the german spezial characters ä ö ü , in some cases it works in others not. I am using a utf-8 editor and as well tried to use ä ö and ü as codes to get these characters working.

If I add them normal, I receive cubes, and if I use the code, it outputs the code.

Any suggestion ?

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Are you sure you're editing/saving the files using UTF-8 encoding? It's possible your editor supports UTF-8 but also other encodings, and it needs to be told which encoding to use when opening, editing or saving the file.
Yes, I think it works now. I installed the editor new and now I´ll try it again. Was my mistake: For all people who need an editor see here:


Its on a PR 6 site, seems to be ok.

Thank You Gideon
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