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hi all, anybody know how to change the page title of these pages to custom ones..

"Questions" = Recent Questions

"Unanswered" = Recent questions with no answers

i want to change these titles in red with my custom ones..how can i do this?

Q2A version: 1.5

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I think you can modfy with custom language. 

Do following

Copy qa-lang-main.php from qa-include directory

place qa-lang-main.php into qa-lang/custom/ directory

Now find 'nav_qs' => 'Questions', aprox line#117

replace with 'nav_qs' => 'Recent Questions',

Find 'nav_unanswered' => 'Unanswered', on line#120

reokace wuth 'nav_unanswered' => 'Recent questions with no answwers'

---[ EDIT ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Ah! sorry I missunderstood. I thougth you want to modify nav title text. That also you can modify with the same file and technique

find 'recent_qs_title' => 'Recent questions' // line#155

'unanswered_qs_title' => 'Recent questions without answers', line#174

with your custom text

thanks man... i just need to know the file..had checked that file before, but dont know how i missed it.
Anyways great help buddy.
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