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I'm seeing old messages that have not been touched, edited or otherwise changed popping up in the RSS feed.  In Outlook they are bold-highlighted indicating there was an update but there was no update or change.  Likewise, in the "slick RSS" plugin for Google Chrome, its marking them as unread as if they'd been changed even though in some cases, the messages are weeks (if not longer) old.

Anyone else seeing this?  Is this a problem with the Question2Answer feed or a problem with the RSS readers I'm using?  Is there a fix?

UPDATE: I could have been more clear but the RSS feed is working perfectly well otherwise - I'm seeing new and updated messages in the RSS feed as expected.  I'm just seeing other messages, which were previously fed, being marked as being new or updated when there was no update coming from Question2Answer.
Q2A version: 1.5

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Yeah, I searched for any RSS related questions prior to posting and none seemed to provide any relief for this problem.  The problem isn't that I'm not seeing updates - I am, its just that when I do see updates, other messages in the RSS feed are being labeled as new or updated that were previously fed through RSS and they most definitely were not updated or new.

I don't think its related to Google Reader, either - I'm not using Google Reader.  Slick RSS is a Google plugin that is fully contained within the browser and should not be using Google Reader.  Outlook is definitely NOT using Google Reader and I'm seeing the same problem there.