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I checked if the q2a html template is "html tidy" (i.e. validates), and found a lot of span tags the incorporate a lot of other elements, esp. <span class="entry-content">

Why not use a <div> tag instead and have tidy html?


PS: Check it yourself on this site, using the Firefox Addon HTML Validator. You will see 131 warnings, mostly:

+ Warning: inserting implicit <span>

+ Warning: trimming empty <span>


Q2A version: 1.5.1

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This did come up a few weeks back I think. It shouldn't be a span because inline elements cannot contain block elements, even if they are set to display:block themselves.

Anyway it seems that the "entry-content" element has been fixed in 1.5.3 because it's using a <div> on this site.
you are right, it is fixed, I see only warnings of some empty spans. Good!