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how can I replace the search on the top right with google custom search, any code pointer as I am very new to this tool.
Q2A version: 1.5.2

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Try GCS plugin with "Replace" mode.


Are you sure your language is not English-speaking countries (for example, Japanese or Chinese or Korean, etc.)? If Q2A standard search feature does not work in your site, it may work well by replacing the program (Morphological Analysis Engine) for dividing words. I have realized it at the Japanese site.

Are you going to update your plugin for qa1.7 now that its beta is out?
I would check the compatibility of all my addons at the timing when STABLE or RC version is released. However, depending on the change of the structure, feature and theme of Q2A, some of my free addons might terminate the development. In particular, my some addons may not support SnowFlat (not standard theme for me).