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This Plugin show recent tweets as a widget. you can set TwitterID, Number of recent posts and others on Admin > Plugin, and set the widget's position in Admin > Layout.

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  • it's now using twitter API v1.1 to get list of tweets, because old methos doesn't work anymore. so you will have to signup your app in twitters app manager.
  • I added a simple method to cache list of tweets and increase load speed.

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Thanks, but i got error in widget:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /xxx/xxxx/qa-plugin/q2a-twitter-master/qa-twitter.php on line 212

Any ideas ?
it's just a warning not an error and it probably happened because the plugin could not get the list of your tweets. please enter currect API keys ins plugin options and tell if the warning still exist while it loads list of tweets?

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congratulations to your first plugin :)

and good to know that there is something about themes: http://www.qa-themes.com/
nice template you use over there.