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Hi everyone!

I'm building new website based on Q2A platform and I would like to know if you have any suggestion what kind of content should I insert in sidepanel (on right side of layout).

This is the first thing that has crossed my mind:
1. position - banner
2. position - categories
3. position - cloud of popular tags (anyone know how to build that script?)

Do you have any other suggestion?

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I have few suggestions.. you may like them.. :)
1. Categories
2. Tags with count
3. Total number of Questions, Answers and Users
4. Top contributors with points

Among these, Category comes with beta 1.2. We have code suggestions for other 3 also:
Tags with count:

Total number of Questions, Answers and Users:

Top contributors with points:

Any other suggestions?
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On my site I removed the related questions from the bottom and put those in the sidebar in a plain list.
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wow - cool web page!
I like it very much :)

how did you realize the feature "related questions" in the sidepanel?

can you please post your code?