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It seems strange in the snowflat theme... The FAQ page has the search box located at the right top and nothing below that! In the other pages, there is the sidepanel with the customized configuration. I am using snow flat.


I have discovered the problem. It seems that the FAQ is not in the list of pages that can be added. The only way to do that is to select the option "Show in all available pages". So the question changes a bit... How to add FAQ to the pages available in Admin/layout? 


Q2A version: 1.7
What do you consider it is missing? Maybe a screenshot would help. I added custom HTML to the sidebar and sidepanel and I see both of them
Thank you! I edited the question.

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I see. So you want to show the sidebar in some pages and hide it in others. The thing is that you aren't able to choose page modules from the admin section. Adding that feature would mean hacking the core. There is no simple (or, at least, suitable for an answer here) way to that. The thing is that you can follow other simple approaches that should get you to similar results.

If you want to hide the sidebar in some pages, a layer module could help. You could use the same layer module in the FAQ plugin. Now, suppose you want to only show the side bar in the activity or faq pages. You could do this:

public function sidebar() {
    if (in_array(qa_request(), array('faq', 'activity'))) {

So, basically, you're adding a second filter apart from the one in the settings. You could add more pages or even invert the logic by negating the in_array to show the sidebar everywhere but in the faq or activity pages.