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I like to use Q&A as a "famous quotes" script in a different language. And I feel that this script is really close to what I need. The only things that should be provided (hacked) are these:

The quotes would have an "author" and a "user submitting it." So, this needs to be hacked. For example, user "baran" submits a quote by, say, Shakespeare. And the page shows "all is well that ends well" -by Shakespeare (as author), submitted by "Baran" (as user submitting it). So, we would have an "author" field in the quotes table, and a separate "authors" table.

The quotes may have multiple categories. So, the code should allow selecting multiple categories for the same quote when submitting. For example, when submitting a quote like "love and hate are horns on the same goat," the user should be able to select both "love" and  "hate" categories for the quote.

We would need a separate "theme" table. The theme table would contain such themes as "Valentine's Day," "Mother's Day," etc. Therefore, another field is needed in the master quotes database for this.

We would need a subscriber table for visitors subcsribing daily quotes by mail.

And some little other things that we may need.

If you feel that you can do such hacks, please PM me with your details including the time you need to complete such customizations and your best price for it (I can pay via PayPal or by Wire Transfer) after the project is over.

I would be really happy if anyone can help me for this. 


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