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I'm experiencing a strange issue on my site. Some user profiles have my IP address as their "last write action" IP. To my knowledge I have not done anything specific to make that appear.

I tried editing their posts and editing their profile, which doesn't change the last edited time/IP. Neither does using my tagging tools plugin. I can't see anything else that would be causing this.

Any ideas?
Q2A version: 1.5.2
That is weird. It is only set in function qa_db_user_written(...) so if you look in qa_users, you should find the time when it was set in the written column. Using that time, can you search your web logs to find out what event might have triggered this?
OK I think I found the problem - the times correspond with when I approve or reject a post. I recently added moderation and I've only noticed the problem recently, so that fits.

If it matters, the moderation is done via a custom filter plugin I wrote, not the options in Admin > Spam. The plugin sends answers for moderation if the question is more than a month old and the user has less than a certain number of points.
OK, I will check if there is some general issue, for 1.5.3.
Double checked with some more posts tonight - rejecting a post doesn't change anything, only clicking 'approve' does. It adds my IP as the user's last write action.

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The problem was that when a moderated (e.g.) question was approved, a q_post event was sent out with the details of the original post, and this lead to the last write action being set for the original author using the approver's IP address. It's fixed on this site and will be rolled into Q2A 1.5.3.

Cool, thanks.
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