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I have added a category dump to the database. (in categories table)

I have added a few thousand questions to the database. (in posts table)

But the paging at bottom of the questions page does not show up,

what I am missing ?
Q2A version: 1.5

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I just had to add one question the normal way and Pagination showed up.

Thanks anyway
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Looks like you have solved the problem now, but I will add that any time you add things direct to the database, you should run the recalculation scripts in Admin > Stats.

"Recount posts" should take care of the pagination issue. "Reindex content" ensures that posts will appear in searches and related questions.

Note: if you have a lot of posts, reindexing takes a long time, unless you empty all the indexing tables (qa_words, qa_contentwords etc). Check the answer here for details.

Thank You Scott, I will check that. I am just a little bit afraid about the amount of posts I have, it is 600.000 in total. (10 basic question for 60.000 places). Actually I am trying to understand how indexing is connected to search....