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Do any Q2A users have experience or advice in migrating a StackExchange 1.0 site to a Q2A install? In an ideal world I would like to be able to upload the SE site-dump zip file (a collection of xml files containing all question, answer & user info) to my new Q2A installation.

Our site was one of the original SE 1.0 sites that was affected when StackExchange changed their business model. Although the site no longer exists, I have what amounts to our site's database dump that I would like to form the basis of relaunching it as a Q2A site.

Any suggestions?


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I would suggest installing a base Q2A first and checking the database schema to see where you need to import content into. You'd need to write a script to take the content from the XML file and write it to the database.

Probably need to do users first (qa_users table). Add the username (handle) and other details like email. If the user IDs in your XML file are numeric, insert them straight in, otherwise you'd need to make a list mapping the IDs from the XML to the IDs that get inserted into the DB.

Then the questions and answers and comments go into qa_posts. "type" will be 'Q' for questions, 'A' for answers, 'C' for comments. The other fields like title, content, tags etc should be fairly self-explanatory. Tags are stored as comma-separated values.

You can insert stuff straight into the database, then on the Admin > Stats page go through each of the recalculation buttons so everything gets counted and indexed properly. Feel free to post more questions here if you need help.
Thanks Scott!
+1 because this was a big help for what I was looking for.