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How written in the title i'd need to know how and if is possible to automatically open the suggested questions ( when i create a new question ) on an other page and not in the same because when i click on a question suggested to read the content and i back on the page i lost all that i wrote.


I see that on this site it work how i'd want but in mine is not in this way. :(

i've searched on all admin panel but i've not found nothing

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This is built in to the Q2A core so I'm not sure why your site is not behaving that way. What version are you using? Can you post a link?
here the info that i can give:
I hopte that's enought

Question2Answer version:     1.5.2
Build date:     2012-04-29
Latest version:      1.5.2
Q2A database version:     47
Database size:     976.9 MB
PHP version:     5.3.13
MySQL version:     5.1.52-log
Thanks. And a link?
I'm really sorry but now i can not give a link of site and i'm excusing of it.
I hope that there could be a solution for this because is strange that happen.
Thank you gidgreen you are ever the best :P